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Trump coronavirus guidance on keeping gun stores open draws criticism

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Gun control activists on Monday criticized guidance issued by President Donald Trump’s administration recommending that states find that gun stores are critical businesses that can stay open during the coronavirus crisis.FILE PHOTO: A pedestrian pushes a stroller as people wait in line outside to buy supplies at the Martin B.

Trump completes rollback of Obama-era vehicle fuel efficiency rules

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s administration on Tuesday completed a rollback of vehicle emissions standards adopted under his predecessor Barack Obama and will require 1.National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said the plan “strikes the right balance between environmental considerations, health and safety considerations and economic considerations.

Trump considering full pardon for ex-adviser Michael Flynn

FILE PHOTO: Former national security adviser Michael Flynn exits a vehicle as he arrives for his sentencing hearing at U.President Donald Trump said on Sunday he is considering a full pardon for his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about dealings with Russia’s ambassador before Trump took office.

As coronavirus chaos spreads globally, Trump declares U.S. emergency

“To unleash the full power of the federal government to this effort today, I am officially declaring a national emergency - two very big words,” Trump said in remarks at the White House Rose Garden, adding that the U.The latest steps came two days after Trump announced travel restrictions blocking U.

U.S. Supreme Court allows Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' asylum policy

Supreme Court on Wednesday handed a win to President Donald Trump by leaving in effect a policy that requires thousands of people seeking asylum at the southern border to wait in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated.FILE PHOTO: Migrants, most of them asylum seekers sent back to Mexico from the U.

Trump campaign sues CNN for libel over Russia opinion piece

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign sued CNN for libel on Friday, over an opinion piece that said the campaign had left open the possibility of seeking Russia’s help in the 2020 election.A person familiar with the matter said CNN had yet to review the lawsuit.

Facebook decides to take down Trump 2020 campaign's 'census' ads

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc on Thursday removed ads by President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign that asked users to fill out an “Official 2020 Congressional District Census” because the ads violate the company’s policy against misinformation on the government’s census.A Facebook ad from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign asks users to fill out a ‘census’.

Trump campaign sues Washington Post over opinion pieces, after suing NY Times

REUTERS/Carlos BarriaThe campaign filed its lawsuit six days after filing a separate libel lawsuit against the New York Times, over an opinion piece it said falsely suggested a quid pro quo between Russian officials and Trump’s 2016 campaign.The campaign also objected to Waldman’s statement “who knows what sort of aid Russia and North Korea will give to the Trump campaign, now that he has invited them to offer their assistance.

Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' immigration policy allowed to proceed temporarily

Circuit Court of Appeals granted a Trump administration request to pause its ruling from earlier on Friday, to allow the government to ask the Supreme Court to take up the issue.In El Paso immigration court, Judge Nathan Herbert adjourned proceedings for the day, saying he was not sure how the ruling would affect individual cases.

Trump again nominates Congressman Ratcliffe as his intelligence director

It would allow him to extend in an acting capacity as director of national intelligence another staunch supporter, Richard Grenell, the U.“I am pleased to announce the nomination of @RepRattcliffe (Congressman John Ratcliffe) to be Director National Intelligence,” Trump said in the tweet.

What are 'sanctuary' cities and why is Trump targeting them?

Republican President Donald Trump has intensified his administration’s fight in recent weeks against Democratic-led “sanctuary” jurisdictions that limit cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.HOW HAS TRUMP TARGETED “SANCTUARY” JURISDICTIONS?