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Alex Salmond's lawyer quits as head of Scottish legal body | UK news

Gordon Jackson was filmed on train talking about Salmond and sexual assault trial

Gordon Jackson QC stepped down from the Faculty of Advocates and faces investigation for professional misconduct.Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

The lawyer who helped secure Alex Salmond’s acquittal over allegations of sexual assault has quit as the head of Scotland’s advocates body after a furore over remarks he made about Salmond and his accusers.

Myanmar editor could face life in jail for interviewing rebel | World news

Photograph: Nyunt Win/EPA

A Myanmar journalist could face life in prison for publishing an interview with a rebel group operating in the country’s restive Rakhine state, a week after the insurgents were classified as a terrorist organisation.The western region of the country has long been a tinderbox of conflict between the Myanmar military and the AA, a group demanding greater autonomy for the state’s ethnic Rakhine people.

Lie detectors should be used to monitor sex offenders, UK study says | UK news

Photograph: Genya Savilov/AFP/Getty

Mandatory testing with a polygraph, or lie-detector, should be introduced to monitor convicted sex offenders undergoing police supervision, according to university research commissioned by police chiefs.Published by the university’s Centre of Research and Education in Forensic Psychology, it was carried out for the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).

The never-ending prison sentences | News

Thousands of prisoners are still in jail under an abolished sentencing regime known as imprisonment for public protection (IPP).The sentences were scrapped in 2012 but not retrospectively.

Swedish midwives who oppose abortion fail in rights case | World news

Women argued that being denied employment breached their rights to freedom of religion and conscience

The European court of human rights in Strasbourg.The ruling was applauded by a sexual health organisation, which said the case had attempted to “chip away” at abortion rights.

Spain approves draft law to strengthen rape convictions | World news

Photograph: Pablo Blázquez Domínguez/Getty Images

Spain’s leftwing government has approved a bill that would define all non-consensual sex as rape, acting on a pre-election promise to strengthen laws in defence of women’s rights.The equality minister, Irene Montero, told a news briefing on Tuesday: “Spain will be a safer country for women with the approval of this law.

Amal Clooney to pursue Rohingya case at The Hague | World news

Photograph: Robin Utrecht/Rex/Shutterstock

Amal Clooney will represent the Maldives in seeking justice for Rohingya Muslims at the UN’s highest court, where Myanmar faces accusations of genocide.In a unanimous decision in January, the international court of justice (ICJ) in The Hague imposed emergency “provisional measures” on Myanmar, instructing it to prevent genocidal violence against its Rohingya minority and preserve any evidence of past crimes.

Weinstein case 'could deter UK victims from reporting abuse' | World news

Photograph: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

British victims of sexual offences could be deterred from reporting abuse after the aggressive cross-examination of Harvey Weinstein’s victims, legal experts have warned.James Mulholland QC, vice-chair of the Criminal Bar Association, said : “The successful prosecution of Weinstein could backfire on the basis of a misunderstanding as to how cases are conducted in the UK.

Supreme court blocks Mexican family's legal bid over teen killed by border agent | US news

The shooting took place in June 2010 on the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez.Photograph: Reuters

The US supreme court has refused to open the door for foreign nationals to pursue civil rights cases in American courts, declining to revive a lawsuit by a slain Mexican teenager’s family against the US border agent who shot him from across the border in Texas.