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Katy Perry wins appeal in $2.8m plagiarism case | Music

Judge rules against jury verdict in case over song Dark Horse, which had previously been found in favour of rapper Marcus Gray

Katy Perry performing earlier in March.Photograph: James Ross/AAP

Katy Perry has won an appeal in a copyright case involving damages of $2.

Swedish midwives who oppose abortion fail in rights case | World news

Women argued that being denied employment breached their rights to freedom of religion and conscience

The European court of human rights in Strasbourg.The ruling was applauded by a sexual health organisation, which said the case had attempted to “chip away” at abortion rights.

Amal Clooney to pursue Rohingya case at The Hague | World news

Photograph: Robin Utrecht/Rex/Shutterstock

Amal Clooney will represent the Maldives in seeking justice for Rohingya Muslims at the UN’s highest court, where Myanmar faces accusations of genocide.In a unanimous decision in January, the international court of justice (ICJ) in The Hague imposed emergency “provisional measures” on Myanmar, instructing it to prevent genocidal violence against its Rohingya minority and preserve any evidence of past crimes.

Weinstein case 'could deter UK victims from reporting abuse' | World news

Photograph: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

British victims of sexual offences could be deterred from reporting abuse after the aggressive cross-examination of Harvey Weinstein’s victims, legal experts have warned.James Mulholland QC, vice-chair of the Criminal Bar Association, said : “The successful prosecution of Weinstein could backfire on the basis of a misunderstanding as to how cases are conducted in the UK.

Cyclist settles case for £30,000 after hitting pedestrian who was looking at phone | Law

Cyclist faced threat of ruinous legal costs despite judge ruling both parties equally to blame

Robert Hazeldean said that because he decided against making a counter-claim, he had no means of recovering his costs.Both the cyclist, Robert Hazeldean, a garden designer, and the pedestrian, Gemma Brushett, who works in finance and also ran yoga retreats, were left unconscious after the rush-hour collision in July 2015.

Harvey Weinstein rape case may turn on history of prior 'bad acts'

(Reuters) - A Manhattan jury’s verdict in the sexual assault trial of former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein may well hang on the testimony of three women whose accusations were not part of the underlying criminal case.FILE PHOTO: Film producer Harvey Weinstein and lawyer Donna Rotunno depart New York Criminal Court during his ongoing sexual assault trial in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.

Upstate Judge Sets Aside NY Bail Reform as Unconstitutional in Misdemeanor Case


Judge Thomas Marcelle objected to the bail reform law on separation-of-powers grounds, writing that the state legislature should not have interfered with judges’ ability to control how and when a defendant appears in court.A judge in Cohoes City Court in Albany County ruled Monday that New York’s bail reform law, which has been effect for just over a month, is unconstitutional as applied to a misdemeanor case in which the defendant had a history of failing to appear.

Doctors acquitted in Belgium’s first criminal euthanasia case | Society

GP, psychiatrist and doctor were accused of unlawfully poisoning Tine Nys, 38

The three defendants sit behind lawyers during their trial in Ghent.Photograph: Benoît Doppagne/Belga/AFP via Getty Images

A Belgian court has cleared three doctors accused of murder in the country’s first criminal case concerning euthanasia.

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to 'Free the Nipple' in topless women case

” The women - Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro - were involved in the “Free the Nipple” movement, which court papers described as campaigns against “sexualized objectification of women” and in favor of women being able to go topless in public if they wish.Lilley and Sinclair were both arrested days later while topless on another beach where they were protesting Pierro’s arrest.

Tribunal to hear case of sacked ethical vegan | Money

He claims he was unfairly disciplined for making this disclosure and that the decision to dismiss him was because of his philosophical belief in ethical veganism.Dietary vegans and ethical vegans both eat a plant-based diet, but ethical vegans also try to exclude all forms of animal exploitation including not wearing clothing made from wool or leather and not using products tested on animals.

Factbox: After impeachment, who might argue the case against Trump in the Senate?

Senate begins the trial to consider impeachment charges against President Donald Trump, a handful of lawmakers from the House of Representatives will act as prosecutors to lay out the case against the president.Nadler’s committee crafted the two articles of impeachment against Trump, which were approved by the House on Wednesday.